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Glass fiber coated polyimide film sintering line

Glass filament wrapped polyimide film winding wire is made of polyimide film, glass filament is used to wrap the polyimide film to enhance the abrasion resistance of the winding wire.
Specification range a:0.90mm--5.60mm b:3.15mm--16.00mm
Execution standard NB/T31048.-2014 or according to the customer technical agreement
Conductor material 100% oxygen-free rod
Product Briefing
Relevant Parameters
Advantages of the product
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Product Briefing

Glass filament-coated polyimide film sintered wire has excellent electrical properties and high mechanical properties and heat and humidity resistance. It is suitable for large and medium-sized high-voltage motor windings, special motor and electrical windings, dry-type transformers, reactors, wind turbines, rail transportation.

Relevant Parameters
【Product Model】 SBMYFB/SBMYFEB
【Specification range】 a:0.90mm–5.60mm


【Execution standard】 NB/T31048.-2014 or according to the customer technical agreement
【Conductor material】  100% oxygen-free rod
【Product Characteristics 】 Glass wire covered polyimide film sintered wire is coated with adhesive material on polyimide film and wound on copper and aluminum conductors, then sintered to bond film to film and film to conductor into a single unit.
Advantages of the product

Glass-filament-coated polyimide film sintered wires are used in coil windings for electric motors and transformers, and the wires are commonly used for internal circuit connections and insulation in electronic equipment and instruments. They provide good electrical insulation and high temperature resistance, and can withstand the mechanical stresses of current transmission and high temperature environments to ensure the safety and reliability of circuits.

Glass-filament-coated polyimide film sintered wires are widely used in automotive electronic systems, such as engine control units, sensors, wiring harnesses, etc. and power transmission and distribution systems in the energy field, such as power plants, substations, and transmission lines. They can withstand high voltage and high temperature conditions to ensure the efficiency and safety of power transmission.

In solar photovoltaic systems, glass-filament-coated polyimide film sintered wires are used to connect solar panels and inverters, assuming the functions of current transmission and electrical insulation.

Due to its high temperature resistance and lightweight characteristics, the wire is widely used in the aerospace field for the electrical systems of aircraft and spacecraft, such as aircraft engine wiring harnesses and spacecraft control systems.

Areas of application
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