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Motor Enameled Round Aluminum Winding Wire

High-quality aluminum winding transformer enameled wire is composed of high-purity aluminum material and insulating varnish amide or polyamide acid ester.
Product Model EIW/QZY, Q(ZY/ XY ), EI/AIW
Thermal Class 180C, 200C
Specification range Diameter (mm): 0.15 ~ 3.0
Commission; ISO9000 ISO9001; IATF16949
Product Briefing
Relevant Parameters
Advantages of the product
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Product Briefing

Aluminum winding wire is commonly used in power transmission and distribution systems, such as high-voltage transmission lines, transformers, generators, and power distribution equipment; it can meet the needs of high-frequency, high-temperature, and high-power applications.

Relevant Parameters
 Product Model   EIW/QZY, Q(ZY/ XY ), EI/AIW
Range Diameter (mm) 0.15 ~ 3.0
Thermal Class 180C, 200C
Execution standard     International Electrotechnical
Commission  ISO9000   ISO9001; IATF16949
Characteristics     Excellent electrical insulation, high temperature resistance, low loss and low noise, suitable for a variety of transformer applications
Advantages of the product

As winding wire for transformers, it is used in various types of transformers such as power transformers, distribution transformers and power cable branch boxes. Transformers and substations used in low, medium and high voltage power transmission and distribution systems. Transformers used in industrial equipment and machinery, such as generators, motors, inverters, transformer rectifiers, etc.

In the oilfield and petrochemical fields, used in oil well motors, frequency converters and other power equipment can also be used in wind turbines and solar power generation systems in the transformer and power distribution equipment. And used in railroad traction transformers, subway power supply systems, electric vehicles and traffic signals and other fields.

Areas of application
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    The Versatility and Applications of Enameled Wire
    Enameled wire, also known as magnet wire, plays a crucial role in various industries due to its unique properties and versatility like transformer winding materials.