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Corona-Resistant Enameled Round Copper Wire

In general, corona-resistant enameled round copper wire is mainly used in situations where it is necessary to reduce the corona effect and improve the stability and reliability of electrical equipment.
Thermal Index Class 200, Class 220
Specification range Φ0.800-2.000mm
Execution Standard JB/T 10930-2010
Product Briefing
Relevant Parameters
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Product Briefing

Corona-resistant enameled round copper wire is usually used in some applications that are very sensitive to corona effects.

Design of corona-resistant products: using a four-composite coating process + chromium trioxide nano-scale metal powder to prevent paint film breakdown caused by high-frequency corona.

Relevant Parameters
Thermal Index Class 200, Class 220
Specification range  Φ0.800-2.000mm
Execution Standard  JB/T 10930-2010
Main raw materials  Nanjing Huaxin low-oxygen copper rod, Elantas corona-resistant paint.
Equipment technology  Continuous enameling machine, composite coating, mold painting, online testing.
  1. Corona Discharge Prevention: The wire’s corona-resistant enamel prevents power losses, electromagnetic interference, and insulation degradation in high-voltage systems by resisting corona discharge.
  2. Enhanced Dielectric Strength: Improved dielectric strength in corona-resistant enamel reduces the risk of insulation breakdown under high-voltage conditions, crucial for maintaining electrical system integrity.
  3. Extended lifespan: Resisting corona discharge and maintaining effective insulation enhances wire longevity, leading to a more reliable electrical system and reducing the need for frequent maintenance or replacements.
  4. Reduced Electromagnetic Interference (EMI): Corona-resistant enamel minimizes electromagnetic interference, ensuring cleaner signals and reducing disruptions in nearby electronic devices.
  5. High Voltage Applications: Corona-resistant enameled copper wire is ideal for high voltage applications like transformers, power distribution systems, and other components.


Enhanced Dielectric Strength
Reduced Electromagnetic Interference
High Voltage Applications
Areas of application
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