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Polyimide-Fluorine 46 composite film sintered copper flat wire

Polyimide - fluorine 46 composite film sintered copper flat wire is made of corona-resistant polyimide film coated on both sides with polyperfluoroethylene propylene resin by high-temperature sintering of polyimide - fluorine 46 composite film layer; there are made of oxygen-free copper.
Product Briefing
Relevant Parameters
Advantages of the product
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Product Briefing

Polyimide – Fluorine 46 composite film sintered copper flat wire has high mechanical strength and electrical properties, can withstand large impact load capacity, high temperature resistance, water resistance, radiation resistance and other characteristics. It is suitable for medium and high-voltage AC motors, large and medium-sized DC motors, locomotive traction motors, large and medium-sized submersible (oil) electric pumps, rolling steel AC and DC motors, mining traction motors.

Relevant Parameters
【Product Model】 MYFB-X/200 MYFEB-X/200
【Specification range】  a: 0.90mm–5.60mm


【Execution standard】 JB6757-1993 or according to customer’s technical agreement.
【Conductor material】 100% oxygen-free rod
Advantages of the product

This copper flat wire has good high temperature resistance and can work in high temperature environment. The polyimide and fluorine 46 composite film has high thermal stability and can withstand current transmission and mechanical stress under high temperature conditions; it can effectively isolate the current conductor, prevent leakage and short-circuiting from occurring, ensuring the safety and reliability of the circuit.

Polyimide – Fluorine 46 composite film has good corrosion resistance, able to resist the erosion of some chemicals and humidity, to extend the service life. Polyimide-Fluorine 46 composite film sintered copper flat wires have high mechanical strength, which can maintain the stability of the shape and structure of the coils and reduce deformation and damage of the coils during operation.

This copper flat wire has good flexibility and malleability, making it easy to bend and install. They are also relatively lightweight, helping to reduce overall weight. It can be cut and customized as needed to suit different application scenarios.

Areas of application
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