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Transformers Enameled Flat Copper Wire

Special enamelled flat copper wire for transformers is mainly used in situations where efficient power conversion and transmission needs to be achieved in a limited space.
Specification range 4-65mm² a:0.80-4.50mm; b:2.80-16.00mm
Execution Standard GB/T 7095.3-2008
Thermal Index Class 200, Class 180
Product Briefing
Relevant Parameters
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Product Briefing

Transformers Enameled Flat Copper Wire-Its design makes it more suitable for the shape requirements of the winding, while maintaining high electrical and thermal conductivity. This makes enameled flat copper wire ideal for manufacturing high-performance, compact transformers.

Relevant Parameters
Specification range 4-65mm² a0.80-4.50mm; b2.80-16.00mm
Execution Standard GB/T 7095.3-2008
Thermal Index Class 200, Class 180
Main raw materials Self-produced oxygen-free copper rods, Elantas insulating paint
  • Efficient Conductivity: Transformers enameled flat copper wire exhibits high electrical conductivity, ensuring efficient energy transfer within the transformer.
  • Heat Resistance: Enameled coatings on the copper wire provide heat resistance, preventing overheating issues in transformers during prolonged operation.
  • Space Optimization: The flat design allows for more compact winding configurations, optimizing the use of space within the transformer and potentially reducing its overall size.
  • Improved Insulation: Enameled insulation enhances the wire’s dielectric strength, reducing the risk of electrical breakdown and ensuring reliable performance.
Efficient Conductivity
thermal resistance
Improved Insulation
Space Optimization
Areas of application
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