About Us
About Us
HENAN LP HUAYANG NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD based magnet wires company founded in 1994, began its activity has always dealt with the manufacturing of Enameled winding wire, paper covered wire and fiberglass covered wire. Throughout the decades we have gathered experience in all special applications of rectangular, round and square wire, becoming, in both wires and foils, an internationally recognized premium supplier to all major customers.
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Our Target
Earning The Trust Of Our Customers, Communicating Openly With Clients, And Working Together As A Team To Solve Any Problem That Comes Our Way. To Achieve This Objective, Management Places Particular Emphasis On The Competence Of Each Department And Each Employee's Willingness To Take Responsibility.
Our Mission
With Its Corporate Mission Of "Delivering Energy For Green Energy And Adding Momentum To Social Development," Our Mission Is "To Be The Leader In Industry-Specific Electromagnetism", To Unify The Wisdom And Strength Of All Employees And To Promote The Intelligent Management And Creation Learning, Innovative, Efficient International Outstanding Enterprises.
Quality Control
Connecting Your World with Superior Enameled Copper Wires: Experience the Excellence of Our Factory
Raw Material Inspection
Use above 99.9% oxygen-free copper rods, exported enamels, such as elantas.
Production Process Control
The Production Process Is Closely Monitored To Ensure That The Copper Wire Is Properly Coated With Paint According To Predefined Standards.
In-Process Inspection
During The Production Process, Random Samples Of The Copper Wire Are Taken For Inspection To Check The Thickness And Uniformity Of The Paint Coating
Final Product Inspection
After Completion, The Final Product Undergoes Rigorous Testing To Verify Its Electrical Conductivity, Mechanical Strength, And Other Properties
Quality Assurance
The Factory Has A Quality Assurance Team That Ensures All Products Meet The Required Quality Standards Before Being Shipped To Customers
Continuous Improvement
The Factory Continuously Collects Data On Product Quality And Production Processes, Using It To Identify Areas For Improvement And Implement Changes To Enhance Product Quality
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Certification: ISO 9001, ISO 140001, UL, CE, ROHS
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Trust HENAN LP HUAYANG NEW MATERIALS CO.,LTD, Welcome to visit our factory
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