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Transformer Round Copper Magnet Wire

Special enamelled round copper wire for transformers is mainly used in power systems and equipment that require power conversion, voltage regulation and transmission.
Specification range Φ1.250-3.000mm
Executive Standard GB/T 6109.7-2008
Thermal Index Class 200, Class 180, Class 130
Product Briefing
Relevant Parameters
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Product Briefing

Transformer Round Copper Magnet Wire -Its excellent electrical and thermal conductivity properties make it an ideal material for manufacturing efficient and reliable transformers.

Relevant Parameters
Specification range  Φ1.250-3.000mm
Executive Standard  GB/T 6109.7-2008
Thermal Index Class 200, Class 180, Class 130
Main raw materials  Self-produced oxygen-free copper rods and Elantas insulating paint.
Common specifications  Φ1.250, 1.300, 1.600, 1.650, 1.700, 1.740, 1.800, 1.900, 2.000, 2.120, 2.240, 2.360, 2.440, 2.500, 2.600, 2.650mm

1. High adhesion, oil resistance, and strong resistance to sudden short circuit.
2. High-quality copper rod, nominal resistance.
3. Multifunctional fully automatic online detection, mm quality assurance.
4. Count meters and measure to reduce tailings and reduce costs.
5. PT60, PT90, PT200, large-capacity packaging, reducing the number of joints.
6. Double composite pull bag and mold/felt painting process to ensure quality.

Areas of application
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    What are the key properties of enameled winding wire?
    1️⃣ Enameled winding wire should exhibit high insulation resistance, dielectric strength, heat resistance, flexibility, adhesion, and resistance to chemicals, abrasion, solvents, and corrosion. 2️⃣ It should maintain electrical conductivity, dimensional stability, color uniformity, and have a compatible thermal expansion coefficient. 3️⃣ Solderability, moisture resistance, UV resistance, and a smooth surface finish are also crucial for its performance in diverse electrical applications.