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Self-adhesive double-layer glass fiber wrapped

Self-adhesive double glass filament wrapped polyimide reinforcing mica tape wrapped copper flat wire is a combination of mica sheet, polyimide, double glass filament wrapped and self-adhesive layer.
Product Model GLEFMB
Specification range a: 0.90mm--5.60mm b:3.15mm--16.00mm
Execution standard GB/T7672-2008 or according to customer technical agreement.
Conductor material 100% oxygen-free rod
Product Briefing
Relevant Parameters
Advantages of the product
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Product Briefing

Self-adhesive double-layer fiberglass parcel wire is suitable for the windings of large and medium-sized high-voltage motors of 6KV and above, especially for the windings of large and medium-sized high-voltage motors of 10KV and inverter motors, wind generators, railroad motors, with excellent electrical properties and high mechanical properties, corona-resistant properties and good process performance.

Relevant Parameters
【Product Model】 GLEFB
【Specification range】  a: 0.90mm–5.60mm


【Execution standard】 GB/T7672-2008 or according to customer’s technical agreement
【Conductor material】 100% oxygen-free rod
【Product Characteristics】 High mechanical properties, good corona resistance and good process performance.
Advantages of the product

Glass wire covered mica tape wound round/flat copper wire is widely used in the winding coils of all kinds of motors, and is commonly used for cables and wires in medium and high voltage power transmission and distribution systems. They include AC motors, DC motors, inverter motors and so on. They are suitable for household appliances, industrial machinery, automobile electric drive system and other fields.

Glass wire covered mica tape wound round/flat copper wires are used for signal transmission, circuit connection and power supply in electronic equipment. They can be used for cables and connecting wires in solar power generation systems. They can withstand long-term exposure to outdoor environments and provide reliable power transmission. It can be applied to the manufacture of electronic products such as computers, communication equipment, audio equipment, medical equipment and so on.

Glass Filament Coated Mica Tape Wound Round/Flat Copper Wires also find applications in instrumentation, communication transmission lines and electronic instruments. They play an important role in applications where a high degree of reliability, high temperature resistance and good electrical properties are required.

Areas of application
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