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Glass fiber wrapped polyimide film wrapped copper flat wire

Glass Filament Covered Polyimide Film Wrapped Copper Flat Wire is a combination of current conducting conductor material and polyimide material.
Product Model GLEMB
Specification range a: 0.90mm--5.60mm b:3.15mm--16.00mm
Execution standard GB/T7672-2008 or according to customer's technical agreement.
Conductor material 100% oxygen-free rod
Product Briefing
Relevant Parameters
Advantages of the product
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Product Briefing


Polyester Enameled Aluminum Round Wire can be used for transmission and distribution lines in electrical power systems.Aluminum material reduces the weight and load of the line while providing good electrical conductivity. And it has excellent electrical insulation protection.

Relevant Parameters
【Product Model】 GLEMB
【Specification range】  a: 0.90mm–5.60mm


【Execution standard】 GB/T7672-2008 or according to customer’s technical agreement.
【Conductor material】 100% oxygen-free rod
【Product Characteristics】 It has excellent electrical properties and high mechanical properties and resistance to humidity and heat.
【Application Fields】 Mainly applied to the winding of large and medium-sized high voltage motors and electrical appliances.
Advantages of the product

Glass filament-coated polyimide film-wound copper flat wire is commonly used for cables and wires in medium and high voltage power transmission and distribution systems. They are widely used in the winding coils of all kinds of motors, including AC motors, DC motors and inverter motors. They are suitable for power transmission, substations, power distribution networks, household appliances, industrial machinery, automotive electric drive systems and other fields.

Glass filament-coated polyimide film-wound copper flat wires are also used for signal transmission, circuit connection and power supply in electronic equipment. Because of their light weight, high temperature resistance and excellent electrical properties, glass-coated polyimide film-wrapped copper flat wires are used in the aerospace industry for applications such as avionics and spacecraft internal wiring.

Glass-coated polyimide film-wrapped copper flat wires also find applications in instrumentation, communication transmission lines and electronic instruments.


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    How is enamel wire made?
    To produce enameled wire: 1️⃣ Clean copper/aluminum wire. 2️⃣ Apply enamel coating (extrusion/dipping). 3️⃣ Pre-cure if needed. 4️⃣ Cool. 5️⃣ Sand/smooth (optional). 6️⃣ Apply additional coatings if necessary. 7️⃣ Final cure. 8️⃣ Test quality. 9️⃣ Spool.