Insulation types of magnet wire


Material classification
The insulation materials of magnet wire are mainly divided into two categories: organic insulation materials and inorganic insulation materials.
1. Organic insulation materials
Organic insulation materials mainly refer to resin paints, such as polyurethane, alkyd paint and phenolic paint. This type of insulating material has good insulation properties and can effectively isolate conductors and prevent current leakage, short circuits and other faults. At the same time, organic insulating materials also have high heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and are suitable for electrical equipment in high temperature and corrosive environments.
2. Inorganic insulation materials
Inorganic insulation materials mainly refer to mineral oil and insulating paper. Mineral oil is a commonly used insulating material with good insulation properties and heat resistance. Suitable for electrical equipment in high temperature environments. Insulation paper is made of pure wood pulp fiber, has excellent insulation properties and mechanical strength, and is suitable for the insulation of high-voltage electrical equipment.

Structural classification
The structural classification of magnet wire mainly includes single-layer insulation and multi-layer insulation.
1.Single layer insulation
Single-layer insulated magnet wire means that there is only one layer of insulating material covering the conductor. This kind of structure is simple and low-cost, and is suitable for general low-voltage and low-frequency situations. However, due to the thin insulation layer, breakdown and dielectric loss are prone to occur in high-voltage and high-frequency environments.
2.Multi-layer insulation
Multi-layer insulated magnet wire refers to a conductor covered with multiple layers of insulating materials. Multi-layer insulation can provide better insulation performance and voltage resistance, and is suitable for high-voltage and high-frequency applications. Common multi-layer insulation structures include single-layer insulation + insulating paper + resin paint, single-layer insulation + insulating paper + insulating paint, etc.

Classification of uses
The use classification of magnet wire is mainly divided according to its insulation performance and heat resistance.
1. General purpose magnet wire
General-purpose magnet wire is mainly used in low-voltage and low-frequency applications, such as household appliances, electronic equipment, and communication equipment. This type of magnet wire usually uses organic insulating materials, which have good insulation properties and mechanical strength.
2. magnet wire for high temperature use
High-temperature magnet wire is mainly used for electrical equipment in high-temperature environments, such as motors, transformers, and electric furnaces. This type of magnet wire usually uses high-temperature-resistant organic insulating materials or inorganic insulating materials, which can maintain good insulation properties and mechanical strength at high temperatures.
3.Special purpose magnet wire
Special purpose magnet wire is mainly used in special occasions, such as aerospace, military industry and nuclear energy. This type of magnet wire is usually required to have high insulation performance, heat resistance and chemical corrosion resistance, and can maintain stable electrical performance under extreme conditions.


magnet wire insulation types


To sum up, the insulation classification of magnet wire mainly includes material classification, structural classification and use classification. Choosing a suitable magnet wire insulation classification is crucial to ensuring the safe operation of electrical equipment, and the selection needs to be based on the specific working environment and requirements. In practical applications, reasonable selection must be made according to national and industry standards.


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