The main characteristics of the enameled wire technology development


According to changes in market demand, the enameled wire industry will increase the research and development and application of new materials to improve product performance and quality.


characteristics of the enameled wire


The following introduces the technical characteristics of enameled wire:


Due to the miniaturization of electrical products, enameled wires used in camcorders, automobile and motorcycle accessories, electronic products, etc. are developing in the direction of smaller diameters. For example, when the enameled wire used in the high-voltage package for color TVs, that is, the integrated line output flyback transformer, was originally insulated by the segmented slot winding method, the specification range was φ0.06-0.08mm and all were thickened insulation. After the current design is changed to a flat-wound interlayer insulation winding structure, the wire diameter is changed to φ0.03-0.04mm, and a thin paint layer is sufficient.


According to the design requirements of electrical products, the lightweight method used in some undemanding usage situations is to select lightweight materials instead of small diameter lightweight. Such as some low-demand micro motors, speaker voice coils, microwave oven transformers, etc. The products are processed using enameled aluminum wire and enameled copper-clad aluminum wire. Compared with our ordinary enameled copper wires, these materials have the advantages of light weight and low price, but also have the disadvantages of difficult processing, poor weldability, and low tensile strength.


Self bonding
The special performance of self-adhesive enameled wire is that it can be wound without bobbin or impregnated. Mainly used for color TV deflection, speaker voice coils, buzzers, micromotors, electronic transformers, etc. Depending on the combination of base paint and material selection, there are also different heat resistance levels, which can meet different use occasions.


High tensile properties
Due to the thinning of enameled wires, the market demand for micro-fine wires is increasing. Considering that the safety tension of micro-thin wire is small during the winding process, it is easy to break during winding. In order to improve the safety tension while taking into account other characteristics, alloy copper mixed with other components should be considered in processing material selection to greatly increase the safety tension. At the same time, the decrease in conductivity is not too large.


Thermal cutoff
Due to the thermal fuse protection properties of the special outer insulation layer of thermal fuse enameled wire, it is widely used in power transformers and is mostly used to wind primary coils. When the coil is over-current or the temperature rise exceeds a certain value, the outer insulation layer of the enameled wire melts rapidly, causing short-circuit protection in the power supply part to avoid damage to the machine.


High frequency, high voltage resistance and high Q value characteristics
In addition to developing in the direction of miniaturization, electrical products should meet a variety of needs and adapt to a variety of environments, which should be paid more attention to. For example, for enameled wire, when the frequency of use is increased, the peak-to-peak voltage between the winding coil wires will be high.


Non-magnetic and highly conductive
The conductors used in factories to produce enameled wires contain more or less small amounts of iron, nickel, cobalt and other magnetic elements and other impurities. In some applications, it is necessary to eliminate these interferences or obtain high conductivity. Therefore, higher requirements are put forward for conductors, which must not only have good processing performance but also have good electrical conductivity.


Specialized, large floor space
During the coil winding process, there is a problem of the volume occupancy rate of enameled wire in the skeleton. The maximum occupancy rate of round wire winding is 91%. The use of square wires and rectangular flat wires can increase the volume share, up to 96%. The development of electrical products in the direction of miniaturization will inevitably require components to be miniaturized first. Improving the volume occupancy has become one of the issues that must be considered in coil design.

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